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Definition of Certificate
  • Certificate means the electronic document that certification authority issues in order to guarantee the identification and open key information of subscribers. The use of the Digital Signature and officially-approved certificate for e-commerce provides the effect such as the confirmation of identification, forgery and alteration of documents and the prevention of denial of transaction.

    In addition, we need the separate method to confirm whose open key it is that we want to acquire. Therefore, what the reliable third party guarantees the open key of the users with the personal information of that user is called Open Key Certificate.

    The party that acts as mentioned above is certification authority and the electronic document to guarantee the open key of users that certification authority issues is certificate.

    The certification authority guarantees integrity and credibility of user certificate as making the Digital Signature on the open key certificate of users with its private key. The international standard related to certificate is X.509 V3.
  • ○ Contents of Certificate
  • Certificates included a version, a serial number, a term of validity, an authority to issue a certificate, algorithm information of the Digital Signature, subscribers' name and its algorithm information of the Digital Signature.