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Definition on Certification Service
  • ○ RDB Certification Service
  • Electronic trades using electronic documents in cyber space such as a Internet shopping, Internet banking, auction, securities, B2B, electronic payment and administrative civil application are increased more and more according to the rapid development of information and communication technology and expansion of information and communication network.

    However, it is impossible to check forgery or alteration of identification of trade partners and trade contents because electronic trade is done not through the face-to-face trade between trade partners but through communication network, and it is difficult to prevent the denial on the transaction that is processed.

    Receiving and sending the electronic documents with the Digital Signature that has the same effect as the seal impression in the real world can solve those problems. The Digital Signature is created using encryption technology so that it can be safety used in electronic trade in cyber space.

    RDB certification service is to issue officially-approved certificate that is electronic certificate to objectively confirm the relationship between the owner of the Digital Signature and the key used in the Digital Signature. It can be considered as the same service that the administration organization issues the certificate with seal impression in real world.
  • ○ Available time of RDB Certification Service
  • RICA provides certification service for 24 hours a day through the year.
  • ○ RDB major certification services
  • RICA provides the officially-approved certification service as follows and does not reject the supply of certification service without good reason while providing officially-approved certification service or does not unfairly discriminate the subscribers or certification service users.

    1. Issue of Certificate (New issue, reissue and renewal)
    2. Suspension of certificate validity, recovery and annulment of certificate validity
    3. Identification check related to Certificate service (Issue, suspension of validity, recovery and annulment of validity)
    4. Notice of information related to certificate
    5. Time check service, etc.